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d8b long term storage?

Discussion board for Mackie's d8b Digital Console users.

d8b long term storage?

Postby phantomrage » Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:20 pm

So I've decided to take down my corner in the apartment. Unfortunately the only place to store my gear is in the apartment garage.

In the summer it gets hot, but seem humid...

I was thinking of building a box for the console. What would you think is the best way to keep it safe? Leave it unwrapped in the box? Bubble wrap with with some sort of moisture absorbers placed in it, or inside the wrap?...

Any thoughts?
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Re: d8b long term storage?

Postby Bruce Graham » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:08 pm

Hey Phantomrage;

Any long term storage, more than 12 months, needs to be carefully considered.

I do not know a lot about long term storage, but I do know humidity is very bad. So be careful.

I searched the Internet and found several documents on the subject. I search "Long term storage of electronic equipment".

I do know, extreme temperatures must be avoided. This means too HOT or too COLD. Room Temperature is best (67 to 72 degrees F). The humidity also need to be considered with along with the temperature.

Humidity, again either too HIGH or too LOW is bad. My guess is it should be some where between 40 and 60%

I would remove all ribbon connections between all circuit boards, and spray the contacts on the boards and the connector with a high quality electronics spray.

Putting it console and power supply in some kind of a case would be good (helps with dust control), but I wouldn't put the either in bubble wrap or anything plastic other than and a "Static Bag". It will need to be large ones. I think leaving the bag open or putting in some "moisture absorbing" product will help.

Definitely remove the battery.

I would be tempted to remove the BIOS Chip and Hard Drive and storing those in "Static bags" in a bedroom closet.

Again, storing electronics in a garage which has no climate control is not advisable. But what can you do if that is all you have.

I would expect, when you want to bring the d8b out of hibernation and breath life back into it, I would consider the possibility of it not coming back.

If you could find someone to use it or who could store it in a better environment, that would be better.

Good luck and sorry to hear you need to "put her to bed".

Bruce Graham
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Re: d8b long term storage?

Postby phantomrage » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:14 am

After careful reading your response. Some online documents on keep humidity out of electronics...

I think it would be best to store it inside someplace.

As temperamental as the board is. And seeing I saved it from a swap meet being outside for months already. It's best I don't tempt fate and put it that environment.
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