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Old D8b Learns nu Trix

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Old D8b Learns nu Trix

Postby Guido » Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:06 am


Here is a video i made showing my d8b's HUI layer turned into an mcu. I call it FRANKENHUI. A complete mcu. Im using it to run an extension of Reaper daw called klinkes csurf.. i made the mcu "layer" with a program called Bomes miditranslator pro.

Sorry for the quality of the vid..its my first and I must have bungled a setting somewhere. It took 5 hrs to upload so something must be amiss no? And the transition near the end is me try to hold the d8bs ALT button with my elbow..and failing..but its kinda funny imho.

NOTE I was hesitant to post this here because of the terrible frustration there must be with this issue of 5.1 authorization. Recording Drummer told me about it, and all i can say is i hope the gent from austria brings a solution to this fiasco.

Hope y'all like it.

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