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making limited progress???

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making limited progress???

Postby p2h » Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:11 am

Let me tell you about my system:

D8B w/apogee sync card(borrowed)--1 efx card--stock mackie spdif/aes card--
original midi card--vers 3 on the mackie w/macpro 10.7.5 osx--no audio or any
other cards connected, I'm using the Safire 40 as my interface for audio/midi---

controlling the faders, pan pots via the monitor seems to work--faders still don't work. I've made some of the changes
recommended for cubase---still not totally controlling yet. Is this perhaps a job for midi mapping?

Ok, I have some functions working/some not--using cubase essentials 4 and protools 10.3;
I can press the "play" button on the mackie & it works/controls the DAW but the display/counter only "rolls" in the DAW
not on the mackie but they do read the same numbers once it's stopped. I can engage the record/play an it will record to the already armed tracks--but NO faders; So, I need some suggestions for help???

I did reseat the ribbon cards/comp air--basically same results-- no moving faders. I think I will have to dig deeper--could it possibly be the chip on the fader board? I did have a slight glimmer of hope when I turned the mackie on and for a few seconds I could control a few faders before the board woke up with ALL of the faders "shaking" before I banked them. Seems like I'm missing a step or two on the software and one something else on the console---help me get there!!
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