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Dual d8b's in Logic - Awesome!

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Dual d8b's in Logic - Awesome!

Postby Y-my-R » Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:36 am

Since most of the posts here are about tackling problems, I thought I’d share a positive story for a change.

I have two d8b’s and just got a second ProBox a few weeks ago. It sounds like overkill to simultaneously want to control 48 channels in your DAW, and I have to agree, since I rarely surpass 24 tracks. BUT, what I always missed with control surfaces (already when I still used an actual Mackie Control and 2 Extenders), was to always have Busses and VCA channels available, without having to switch anything. In my case, that’s what the 2nd d8b is for.

I’m primarily using Logic, and have the first d8b control 24 audio channels by default - but can, of course, switch the assigned track types to something else with a single push of a button - as defined in Logic’s Mackie Control implementation. Like, software instrument tracks, MIDI tracks, etc. So, the “main” d8b is everything but static and can control any channel there is, when the right selection is made. But most of the time, I’ll leave it set to control only audio tracks… since the stuff I need most other times is taken care of by the 2nd d8b.

Logic allows to individually “lock” each connected control surface to the combination of channels currently displayed on the computer screen… and once locked, it stays locked, even if you switch the display to something else later on. So, I configured the 2nd d8b to control Aux/Bus Channels, physical outputs (as Sends for outboard gear), VCA channels (to control groups of channels, such as all the drum tracks at once) and Software Instruments.

In other words, while I’m free to switch the assignment of the first d8b to anything I like, the 2nd d8b will statically be assigned to the same Aux/VCA/Instrument channels without me having to worry about what’s what. Great!

And after playing with this for a while today, I have to say that this is totally awesome!!!! The look and feel is almost like a large format console from back in the days, with busses and everything, but with even more control options. And the transport controls are always in reach, thanks to the second master section in the middle. Less rolling around with the chair.

Maybe I should mention that I also have a Mackie C4 connected, that I use as a Channel Strip Controller for Logic (Logic EQs, Send levels for the first 8 busses, etc.), and to recall Markers. I use a lot of Native Instruments stuff, so I also use a Komplete Kontrol keyboard to tweak NKI compatible parameters without having to switch anything… and I thought that adding a Softube Console 1 should round out the whole thing, to get even more out of each channel, without having to remember odd control surface assignments with no labels (ordered that one, waiting for it).

I’m thrilled! This is the best of both worlds to me (analog workflow seamlessly blends with in-the-box workflow).

My only gripe is, that the meters are too slow when using the d8b as a control surface in Logic. But that’s the same on an actual Mackie Control. I filed a bug with Apple in the hopes they’d address this… but I don’t have my hopes up. As I’m sure non-Logic users know, the LED Meters work great in all the other DAWS and protocols (HUI, Mackie Control, etc.)… they’re only slow in Logic when using Logic/Mackie Control mode. But I’ve been using Logic since version 2.4, so it would be hard to switch now…

Anyway… my humble home studio suddenly feels like a “big desk” studio, thanks to my d8b’s and ProBoxes. Yay!!!

…and that’s my “positive” story. This really feels transformative, for what my “always in reach” options are!
Dual d8b w/ 2x ProBox for control of 48 DAW channels

Both d8b's fully working as mixers, equipped with Apogee Clock, FX and IO cards

Only one working CPU/PSU (Mackie OS 5.1 hack w/ all PlugIns).
Second CPU is "PSU-only" for ProBox operation.
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Re: Dual d8b's in Logic - Awesome!

Postby Old School » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:09 am

Brilliant set up! I love stuff like this.

Have a blessed day in Christ,
Mike W.
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Re: Dual d8b's in Logic - Awesome!

Postby huneyman » Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:44 pm

Have a blessed day guys
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