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psu for the console

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psu for the console

Postby arjepsen » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:33 pm

I'm considering making a seperate power supply for the console, a bit like Munkustrap has described in his documents.
However, I'm curious:

Wouldn't it be possible to use a regular pc power supply for the 12 and 5 volt lines?
that would save me of buying those two, so I'd only have to get the +/-16v one (I have plenty of unused pc psu's lying around...)

Munkustrap also describes having to connect the mgnd and jgnd connectors inside the console.
I was thinking about buying a seperate BF connector, so I woulnd't have to mess with the inside of the console - and I'd still be able to use the console as a regular d8b.
Are those two ground connetors connected to pins on the BFConnector? (if they arent connected normally, I presume it would be possible to manage it otherwise?)
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