D8B with Integrated Probox in Houston

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I have a d8b standalone with an internally integrated ProBox and with internal power supplies. It is used only as a DAW controller as part of my home studio. I use it regularly with Studio One and Reaper and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. I live in Houston and am posting this to see if anyone would be interested in buying this. I thought I would gauge interest in the Houston area before going to the trouble of posting photos and/or video. It would not be wise to ship this thing as it weighs a ton and I feel confident UPS will break it (based on a bad experience shipping a d8b), so I am posting this to see if anyone in the area might be interested.

Anyone in the Houston area interested?

I also have a vanilla d8b (no integration of ProBox), a ProBox and some internal power supplies that I am now interested in selling. I originally planned to integrate a second d8b to match the first one to use side by side, but space and personal interest in the project are shrinking.

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Good morning I wanted to know if you still have your D8b Thankyou Al

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